Multidisciplinary Scope of Services with a Single Service Provider

Home Of The Canadian Pgap® And Pgap-Tel® Central Referral Network And Associated Occupational Therapy Services

About Centre For Rehabilitation And Health

The Centre for Rehabilitation and Health (CRH) was founded in 2008 by Tamra Ellis, Occupational Therapist. CRH offers national coverage and a wide variety of rehabilitation services including full case management services, account management, Initial Assessments, MPS (micropoint simulation) cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP). CRH maintains a network of over 150 PGAP trained clinicians across Canada. Referral sources can select from a continuum of rehabilitation services depending on the functional state of a particular client, or can access specific services, based on the needs of the file.

What We Do

CRH continually strives to ensure it remains at the forefront of the latest training and skills upgrading, on a wide range of service needs, to ensure CRH is able to deliver a broad scope of interventions, through the same clinician. This cross training of clinicians allows for continuity of care, cost effectiveness, and the opportunity for multidisciplinary service options, through costs in keeping with a single discipline provider.


The Centre for Rehabilitation and Health utilizes the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™), and maintains a network of over 70 PGAP™ clinicians across Canada…


PGAP™ is an up to 10 week, evidence-based, standardized
life role reintegration program
that focuses on reducing disability despite the presence of persistent physical and/or mental health symptoms.


Referrals received through the Central Referral Service will be distributed to PGAP providers who are part of the PGAP Provider Network…

Mission Statement

Our mission at CRH is to provide a broad range of high quality, cost-effective services that are provided by one clinician in an opportune and efficient response time. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services with the sole focus of helping clients return to independence at home, their community, and ultimately return to work. We at CRH believe that helping our clients return to work is the greatest gift of independence we can offer our clients and our stakeholders.

CRH Is The National Referral Service For PGAP.

Who We Are

The Centre for Rehabilitation and Health maintains a network of highly trained health care professionals across Canada. CRH offers a multi-disciplinary scope of services, but with a single provider, at a fraction of the cost of multi-disciplinary programs. CRH clinicians are passionate about providing support to their clients to assist them to return to meaningful, productive live with occupational goals.


27 Roncesvalles Avenue Suite 510
Toronto, Ontario M6R 3B2

P. 416-977-PGAP (7427)
F. 416-977-7467
Central Referral Line: 1-844-297-PGAP (7427)

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